How Does Reading Alcohol Rehabilitation Blogs Help You?

The Internet has brought us many great things over the years. We have come from a place where we have to visit a local counsellor for treatment to a place where we can supplement our recovery through going online and speaking to people who have been through the same experiences. What you will find is many online alcohol rehab clinics.

No, they are not certified and they do not have any form of schedule. They are blogs filled with useful advice and real life experiences from people who have dealt with their demons and made it out alive. We recommend learning from the experiences of others and regularly keeping updated on their progress in order to inspire and educate.

So how does reading through blogs online help your treatment outside of drug rehab clinics?

Experience and Knowledge

Look at most rehab centres and you will see they place a great amount of emphasis on making sure you are learning from others. They regularly bring in previous patients to give inspirational talks and to speak about what they went through. Obviously, this sort of knowledge is not always possible to get access to outside of rehab.

A blog where someone speaks of addiction can give you this same level of experience-based knowledge. If you are wondering about how others have dealt with a specific problem, the chances are you can find someone online.


If you are wondering what you’re doing all this for, look to what other people have focused on. The average blog is not designed to act as a substitute for genuine medical advice. It is there to inspire people to recover and defeat their cravings. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps, a great way to inspire yourself again is to read about someone else’s journey.

This is the one area that often cannot be fulfilled by speaking to a counsellor. You need to connect with someone who has gone or is going through what you’re going through.

A Distraction

One of the arts you will learn in rehab will be the art of distraction. For most alcoholics, they will always hit a wall where they are tempted to drink again. This does not make anyone a failure. It is a natural part of the process. The body is rebelling against change and you need to have an immense amount of willpower to put it down and continue your road to recovery.

A distraction is always useful for ignoring cravings. Reading about alcohol recovery online and getting lost in someone else’s story is a distraction that can move you past the darkest of times.

What Should You Read?

There are no limits on what you can and should read. Most people need to find a blog that really speaks to them. This is why we recommend reading as much as possible. Bookmark any blogs that show promise. It does not have to be an active blog. There are plenty of useful blogs from years previously where the author has documented their journey.

In short, find a sweet spot and keep coming back when you feel like you need an inspirational booster shot. You will not regret it!


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