What are the Benefits of Starting an Online Alcohol Recovery Blog?

If there is one thing we know, it is that beating an alcohol addiction is tough. The real challenge begins not when you enter the safe walls of alcohol rehab clinics. It begins when you go back into the real world again. The real world is a world of temptation and debauchery. It does not take much to swing someone in recovery into relapse.

This is where starting an online alcohol recovery blog where you talk about your experiences can do a lot of good in your life and the lives of others. Let uslook at some of the benefits of starting an alcohol recovery blog.

Filling the Void

Before you started looking for drug rehab clinics, you focused most of your energy into drinking alcohol and thinking about alcohol. With all that over and done with, you have a lot of spare time. You have to take this spare time and invest it in something useful to both defeat your cravings and begin the rebuilding process.

You can spend hours working on a blog. Many former alcoholics have described it as a labour of love that has taken them through the darkest of times.

Discipline and the Teaching Of

Maintaining a blog does require a certain amount of discipline from you. Moreover,that is what many people describe an addiction as. It is a lack of discipline on your part. By teaching yourself discipline again, you can take these lessons and apply them to your recovery. Discipline in blogging is simply about writing quality post after quality post and doing it on a semi-consistent basis. It is about making a commitment.

Release Your Feelings

Alcoholics have a lot more feelings to deal with than your average person walking the streets. They have a lot of trauma to deal with and a lot of conflicting thoughts about where they are in life. Letting these feelings fester is a toxic practice that can drive a recovering patient back into relapse and back into rehab clinics.

A blog is a positive and healthy outlet for your feelings. Going online to talk about what you are going through is a fantastic way of taking these thoughts from your mind and putting them elsewhere for later.

Helping Others

Believe it or not, blogs like this do help others. If you post about your blog in a chat room or on a prominent forum, the chances are you will begin to gather a small following. The goal is not to become a hit blog that goes viral. It is a place to get support from other people.

Even if you never meet or speak to your readers directly, you will know that your experiences have contributed to their recovery. For someone who does not have high levels of self-worth as a result of years of abuse, the knowledge that you have done good is extremely powerful.

Overall, writing a blog does not have to take much. You have all the tools at your disposal. Use your thoughts to both help others and aid in your recovery!


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